The Dot Project is pleased to present ‘Cable Salad’, a solo exhibition featuring the work of Milla Eastwood (b. 1990).

In contrast to the works featured in last year's show “Drunk on Colour”, these abstract compositions and forms have a more suggestive relation to drawing. Eastwood’s works aim to define negative space using balance and structure. When Eastwood approaches a painting her aim is to embody the forms within the work, so that they are contained within the space and act as a whole. Eastwood’s paintings are not planned and therefore are reactive to the conditions of their own making. She paints in stages; if one element doesn’t work the next one doesn’t work.

"Pare down to the essence, but don’t remove the poetry. Keep things clean and unencumbered, but don’t sterilize" Leonard Koren

In this show, Eastwood’s paintings have a cleaner appearance. Although on the surface the paintings may seem less busy and simpler, Eastwood’s process has become more thoughtful and meticulous. She describes her work as an on-going experiment, continuing with her process of selecting, evaluating and editing. Eastwood engages in the irrational unconsciousness as well as the rational conscious activity of painting. Her use of intense colour is still very much evident; the quality of her colour palette compels us to look at the paintings over and over again.

Eastwood want’s people to feel involved with her work. Once again her paintings don’t just exist within the confines of the canvas, but overflow into the room into a realm of shared space with the audience.