Russell West

13 Apr — 12 May 2017 at Woolff Gallery in London, United Kingdom

24 MARCH 2017
Russell West. Courtesy of The Woolff Gallery
Russell West. Courtesy of The Woolff Gallery

The Woolff Gallery is delighted to announce a presentation of new artworks from Russell West. This will be the artists third solo show at Woolff Gallery. The latest body of artwork from this renowned British Artist is a bold and striking collection of works all based around his recognisable and unique painting process.

With a career spanning over thirty years, West’s artwork is unrivalled in its style. He is recognised not only for his technical prowess, but also for his devotion to exploring the use of everyday objects and materials (such as basic household paint, or the discarded inner wiring of a building) in contemporary art. In his dripping paint series the solid panes of colour representing walls, signage, apartment blocks, buildings, or favelas are all created using only paint in a technique which West has developed and mastered throughout his practice.

I use paint to produce solid planes of colour, to represent walls or signage. Once in place, the paint continues to move, dribbling serendipitously downward until it dries. It amuses me to think that at the end of every day, after locking up my studio for the night, my paintings continue to build themselves on their own in the dark in full colour, creating their desire lines

(Russell West)