Your Lost Shoe is Jonn Herschend’s first solo show since 2011. He wanted you to know that it has been a while. He’s been distracted. Here’s what it’s about: It’s about a love triangle between Mark, Lisa and the Narrator of the show.

Here’s also what it will be about: It’s about everything that happened since the last solo show (which took place at Steven Wolf Projects in 2011 and was called The Book You Said I Never Returned, which attempted to prove—in the form of a gallery exhibition—that the narrator had in fact returned a book that he borrowed from Lisa). One can consider it a sort of update on how things have shaken out with Mark, Lisa and the Narrator.

The show will also involve Mark’s lost shoe.

The show is also a sort of adaptation of Shakespeare’s As You Like It.

It can also be said that the show will be a further exploration of narrative structure, entertainment and veracity.