Robert Morris

10 Mar — 26 May 2017 at Castelli Gallery in New York, United States

6 APRIL 2017
Robert Morris, Exhibition view. Courtesy of Castelli Gallery
Robert Morris, Exhibition view. Courtesy of Castelli Gallery

Castelli Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of two exhibitions of new works by Robert Morris: Boustrophedons and Seeing As Is Not Saying That.

Boustrophedons is a Greek term referring to how early Greek texts were inscribed alternately left to right and right to left. This exhibition at the gallery’s recently opened location at 24 West 40th Street presents four large sculptural installations composed of groups of human figures cast in carbon fiber. Whether lying on the ground, hanging from the ceiling, spilling down a wall, or simply standing on the floor, these unsettling groups of all black figures extend Morris’ long-standing themes addressing the human body, space, gravity, history and perception.

Art historical references resonate in two of the groupings. In Dark Passage, a group of six standing figures with bowed heads and obscured features, reverberates August Rodin’s Burghers of Calais. The suspended figures of Out of the Past make reference to Francisco Goya’s album of late drawings, Witches and Old Women.

Seeing As Is Not Saying That, the title of the exhibition on view at 18 East 77th Street, is a quote from the philosopher Donald Davidson. The show consists of four works: three Felts and an audio installation. The Felts in this show are distinguished from the artist’s previous works with felt by the inclusion of language. The fourth work, Two Radios, is an audio installation: an improbable male and female dialogue emanates from two lead radios modeled on those of the artist’s childhood.