Zhenya Xia

23 Mar — 22 Apr 2017 at HG Contemporary in New York, United States

6 APRIL 2017
Zhenya Xia. Courtesy of HG Contemporary
Zhenya Xia. Courtesy of HG Contemporary

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim invites you to discover Zhenya Xia, a talented painter he discovered one year ago.

In her first solo exhibition, Xia will show her deeply layered, colorful and geometrically balanced acrylic paintings. Xia has never shown her work publicly, but with the support and encouragement of Hoerle-Guggenheim, she will now exhibit at HG Contemporary for one month before being featured at various art fairs and international exhibitions.

Zhenya Xia’s story is much like her art: “something unique and that stands on its own,” as Hoerle-Guggenheim describes it. After growing up with the demands of a rigorous Chinese education that was followed by years training and working in finance, Zhenya embraced a life-long yearning to produce art. When asked to paint her subconscious by a professor, she knew she could no longer follow the career and life-path she had been on, left school and bought her first canvas and brushes. Since then, Zhenya has defined a distinct style that offsets bright colors and dream-like themes with mathematically balanced lines and geometric spatial equilibrium.

With no formal instruction, Zhenya’s aesthetic exudes the purity of both her skill and her passion for her craft.