And still rivers run began as an exploration into creation and destruction through solitude. What surfaces is a psychic arsenal for a current landscape. Employing Baroque ideas of Dissimulation, layers of façade meander through truth. As one withdraws more and more into isolation, could an individual ever truly escape the influences and events that drove them there?

Mixed media works on wall and floor in James J. Williams III’s fifth solo exhibition with envoy enterprises utilize the self as a ploy, memory as bait-and-switch, and secrets as currency. As one becomes privy to chambers and antechambers a theater is set to which there may be no backstage.

James J. Williams III is an artist from New York. He has had solo exhibitions in New York, Miami, London, Paris, and Washington DC. James currently serves as the Director of Strategy + Communications at Nanotronics. He is a lover of puns.