Alisan Fine Arts is excited to present the first exhibition in our new space in Central, Yang Jiechang: This is still Bird and Flower Painting. Writing about the inspiration for the show, Yang says that “in the beginning, when I began to study painting, I had to copy works by Huang Quan of the Five Dynasties and by Zhao Ji of the Song Dynasty for a long time. Now at the age of sixty I am accustomed to cultures of the East and the West.

The sweet taste of this first nourishment is still unforgettable. It is beyond words for. For this exhibition I still paint bird and flower paintings. Our times resemble so much the times of Song Emperor Huizong. Art is some kind of medicine, revitalizing and clearing the mind.”

On display are total 30 works by Yang Jiechang, including meticulous colour paintings, oil paintings, drawings and porcelain flowers. The subject, no matter of flower or animal, stands for the human character and the inner mood.