Patrik Grijalvo (Bilbao, 1984) goes a step forward in his process of sculpting photography that began many years ago, (2010) with a series under the name “Photography as object”.

Whether at that point he wanted to develop an approach to “Gravitaciones” of Eduardo Chillida or to the studies of cut photograph of Jerry McMillan (with his famous question “Does a photograph need to be flat?), but with the distinction that the raw material where the architectural photography’s made by himself, now it goes beyond of the represented image to use it as colour layouts.

This was already in his latest series “Rotten Apples” (that will be exhibited next April 2017 at The Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao), in which if only if we get close to the artwork you can appreciate that what apparently were flat black stains where a vegetal lattice.

Now, in “Gravitación Visual”, the same thing happens. Here the raw materials are manipulated in such way that there is a minimum sign of what these primitive photographs portrayed and the record of the work is brought closer to the sculptural, almost leaving the spectator without arguments to speak about the proper photograph.