Ro2 Art is pleased to present Anita Kunz: Paintings, featuring the artist’s beautiful and iconic illustrations. In her upcoming show, Kunz addresses the hierarchy of human interaction and how we relate to other species, while portraying strong female protagonists in both classical and fantastical settings.

Greatly influenced and encouraged by her uncle, educational illustrator Robert Kunz, Anita fully immersed herself in art at an early age. Her distinctive style is created using watercolor and acrylic paints on illustration board, with the occasional incorporation of collage materials. As a magazine illustrator, Kunz’s work often addresses relevant social and political concerns, allowing her to use art as a means to contribute to the framework of society. While Kunz’s distinguishing style is consistent throughout her incredible oeuvre, her recent studio work communicates more self-expression and personal character.

“I have always been concerned with political systems and social justice, and my published work in the past has reflected my concern for the human condition. More recently I have begun to focus on the anthropological origins of our collective behavior as a means of understanding the frailty of our existence. My work is concerned with symbiosis with other species, and our own collective narratives. To this end I examine gender politics, our brutish treatment of other species and stories we tell ourselves.”