Kim Byung Kwan is known for his strokes of energy. The korean artist creates a mix of pop culture and natural surroundings, working on images of Hollywood stars as a base, breaking them with scribbles and smears of paint.

Michiel Folkers is based in Amsterdam. His work blends street art and graffiti on canvas. He creates intricate compositions with hand torn street posters and urban elements, captivating the viewer with the voice of the people and his own.

Isabel Alonso Vega is a spanish artist based between Madrid and Berlin. Her artworks capture clouds on transparent sheets, inside acrylic perspex boxes. She paints with smoke, recreating the depth of the black with expansive movement. Her techniques are uncontrollable and surprising.

Susila Bailey-Bond was born in Leeds. She spent all her life painting, drawing and creating 'things'. After years of working in the fashion industry, she returns to her art and crafts and designs beautiful, serene pieces, in a variety of mediums. Her three dimensional artworks include butterflies, printed paper cuts, leaves, flowers and other icons, carefully composed using wire and glue.

Sara Von Kienegger is an austrian artist based in Graz. The studied calligrapher, made herself a name as a photographer, painter and designer. She aims to inspire people from different cultures. Inspired after observing the brutality incongruity during her time in the middle east, her paintings visualize a perspective and artistic voice.

Using opulent colors, she is known for her seductively decadent yet playfully loose brushwork.

Yunjung Lee is a korean born artist, presenting the emotion of being locked in her conscious and unconscious memories. She uses her own colors, mixed media and strong brush strokes to reveal her imprinted inside through visual language. That creates moody and mystical desires for transcendence and the infinite.

Oleksiy Sai lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine. He works with elements of the corporate word. He developed a visual language that was designed as a practical tool with means of communication rather that an artistic language. He draws works with a Microsoft excel and turns them into aesthetic artworks.

Max Zorn uses the context of a city as the backdrop of art. He felt that street art at night was underrepresent and works with the city changes its face. Day and night. That makes thousands of cities to an urban gallery for artwork.

Tony Kaye is an english film director, musician, artist. He has made several well-known music videos, including "runaway Train" by Soul Asylum which won a grammy award. His latest project is a documentary Humpty Dumpty which is autobiographical.

His paintings visualize thoughts and moods with bright colors as complex compositions.

Inga-Lena is a german artist who returned to her artistic roots after many years of working in the fashion industry on an international platform as a model and designer.

Her artwork creates complex surfaces with various materials in harmonic color schemes. She uses paint as marks for memories or people. Blending in with textures that visualize the unevenness of life in unusual compositions.

Edward Holland works with paper and paint, conceptually grounded in literary and art historical sources, while emphasizing the formal qualities of atmosphere, collage and slight geometrics. He lives and works in New York City.

Rogerio Mesquita was born in Brazil. He made a name as a photographer with numerous magazine covers and editorials as part of his expertise. An extensive list of Brazilian celebrities and musicians have posed for him. Art projects have always been part of Rogerio's work since the beginning of his career. He kept many of these productions secrecy and finally feels it is appropriate to showcase them to a bigger public.