Georges Bergès Gallery is pleased to announce Impersonal Devotion, a solo exhibition featuring a series of abstract paintings by artist Hisako Kobayashi. A painter of depth and insight, Kobayashi is most noted for her multi-layered canvases, which convey sound and emotion through her treatment of color.

The artist is also known for her acute depiction of nature as a vehicle by which to express her feelings and intuitions.

The exhibition will feature works that span Kobayashi’s thirty-year career and explores the tension between the harmonious and the seemingly chaotic essence of daily life. In her symphonic abstraction, the artist guides viewers through their own intimate feelings. “I hope to connect with people through my art,” says Kobayashi, “in ways that are kind, deep, and sincere.”

The vast color plains stretched out across the canvas set an outline for these sentiments, while the overlapping shapes, at times geometric and other times organic, pulsate across causing gentle provocation.