The main title of Jung Hai-Yun's solo exhibition is Relation of Dynamics.

What do you want to say? Is her subtitle for the second exhibition space; here the artist will present a wall painting made in the gallery on site. Both exhibitions have a direct conceptual connection.

The threads in her delicate watercolor paintings represent mutual relationships, always arising when people, concepts or ideologies meet one another. Thus, they create a relation of dynamics from their own perspective. The artist aims to express this dynamic relationship in her works.

Depending on our own experiences and perspectives, we see very different things in the works of Jung Hai-Yun. The artist herself believes that there are complex interpretations of her works, and she wants to highlight the viewer's thoughts by asking: "What do you want to say?".

She herself says about her subjects: "Since I was little, I had drawers in my desk. In every drawer, I organized every object by its properties. It is like assigning a position for each object. (...) All intangible and material objects that exist in the world have their own place for their properties, and even ambiguous objects can be recognized through their use as a new group. I seek the meaning of the individual and the whole in different fields by expressing the abstract meaning of a collection of memories by drawers or ships. "

Jung Hai-Yun was born in 1972 in Korea. She studied in Seoul at National University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Oriental Painting.

For her unusual style of work, Jung Hai-Yun has won several awards and residencies, such as in 2008 the Omni International Artists Residency, New York, or in 2009 at the Vermont Studio Center, USA, in 2010 at the Citè International Art Center, Paris, or 2011 with the Ginestrelle Artist Residence scholarship in Assisi, Italy.