Tappan is proud to present, Strange To Meet You, a solo exhibition featuring new works by Los Angeles painter Jonni Cheatwood. In residence at the Tappan Atelier since December 2016, Cheatwood’s paintings describe broad visual ideas stemming from still life, abstraction, and minimalism.

Cheatwood’s recent works challenge our understanding of painting as a medium, emphasizing his process. The vibrant works, filled with voluptuous, static forms are contrasted by energetic bursts of gestural mark-making. These forms seemingly sit three-dimensionally on top of canvas that has been stitched together by the artist. Cheatwood sources all of his material locally - drop cloth, canvas, burlap, and textile pieces, embedding his work with histories that serve as his background, both physically and conceptually. These diverse histories, sewn together by Cheatwood, speak to the artist’s own multi-cultural heritage. This new direction for Cheatwood has been largely influenced by his residency experience and surrounding, working out of his studio at the Atelier in the Fashion District, where access to material is ample. This access coupled with the large working space has allowed Cheatwood to expand his process and explore a more autobiographical narrative in his practice.

Cheatwood’s work is defined by its palpable energy, as he intends for the viewer to be as involved with the painting as he is. Animated by his surroundings and time at the Atelier, Strange to Meet You celebrates this productive period in Cheatwood’s practice, where his paintings are taking on a life of their own. Jonni Cheatwood is a Brazilian-American visual artist working primarily in painting. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.