Praz-Delavallade is graciously presenting my exhibition: Montana Wildflowers as I Imagine I’ll See in the Spring at their new Los Angeles gallery. I’m honored by their belief and support of me as an artist and thank them, and you for spending time with these paintings.

I moved to Montana from Los Angeles 8 months ago and have spent my first winter in over a decade painting what my landscape might look like when it takes off its thick sweater of snow. The softened shapes, muted palette, and absolute stillness of the winter create a hypothetical landscape that changes with every storm. My time outside is filled with the possibility of color and I approached these canvases as if they were the snow-draped mountains outside my window.

While painting flowers I was reminded that my sense of empathy arises from my imagination and have included Self Portrait as St. Bernard (worried), as an acknowledgement. By imagining myself as a dog — in the same way that I imagine color on the horizon — I can now start to look at a dog’s experience and see how I would feel given the same circumstances.