A bit about Jamea Richmond-Edwards: Given her recent inclusion in the Katzen Museum’s “Art and Social Justice” exhibition, as well as the fact that her works are in very important public collections (in the US and Dakar), it is not surprising to find Jamea Richmond-Edwards listed among the 10 Female Artists of Color on the Rise (The Root, 2016) and 40 Black Artists You Should Know (Huff Post, 2013). Her works have also been featured in Fox Network’s hit series “Empire.” Her exhibit will take place in Long-Sharp Gallery's New York Project Space from April 26-June 17.

A refresher about this four part exhibition series: “Athena Shrugged” is a series of four solo exhibits by important emerging and established female artists. The exhibition series fills virtually all of the 2017 calendar at Long-Sharp Gallery’s New York Project Space, 24 West 57th St, New York, Suite 606. The four featured artists are Constance Edwards Scopelitis (March 8-April 22), Jamea Richmond-Edwards (April 26-June 17), Sabina Klein (September 6-October 21) and Tatyana Fazlalizadeh (October 25-December 16).

In 1971, Linda Nochlin penned her groundbreaking essay "Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?" Her answer in part was that traditions and institutions were pragmatic in their representation of women. According to gallery owner Rhonda Long-Sharp, “It is the responsibility of galleries, museums and auction houses to demonstrate by word and deed that talented female artists have equal importance in the artworld.” She adds “[T]his responsibility could be no greater than it is today.” With great respect and solidarity, “Long-Sharp Gallery is honored to launch Athena Shrugged, a series of solo exhibits by four spectacularly talented female artists in one of the world’s greatest and innovative art cities.”