In Paige Silverman’s Tips on Crying, sculpture interacts with space, echoing the movement of a graphite line on paper. The viewer responds to the physical presence of the gesture of objects rather than mass.

While interaction with the smaller forms is more voyeuristic than intimate, the larger forms communicate more specifically within the proximity of the body and the sculptural object. The work navigates a shift between flatness and dimensionality of line and ability to make marks through form and structure.

Silverman utilizes the process of making-as-method to understand the intent of the structures. The repetition of line and material allows intuition to build forms around a language of reconfiguration. Suggesting a figurative nature, Tips on Crying alludes to the anthropomorphizing of these pieces, fluctuating between the emotionality of figure and the rigidity of line.

Paige Silverman (b. 1990) graduated with a BFA in Sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design in 2012. She lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Silverman has worked alongside The Haas Brothers and her work has been included at Art Miami Diamonds Unleashed Emerging Artists. She recently completed a residency at Banff Center for Arts and Creativity. This is Silverman’s first exhibition with Chainlink Gallery.