Tang Contemporary is pleased to announce the opening of “Dimension Imitation Transformation: Huang Yishan Solo Exhibition” on April 27, 2017. Curated by Dai Zhuoqun, this exhibition presents eight new works from HuangYishan’s recent series.

The curator has titled the exhibition “Dimension Imitation Transformation,” cleverly using a homophone for the historic Vimaliakirti Sutra paintings, while concisely summarizing and refining several core concepts within the artist’s work, related to the “dimension” of space, the “imitation” of images, and the “transformation” of structure.

In breaking with the strange structures of conventional painting, Huang Yishan’s most recent series broadly utilizes the construction of relief images, giving the artworks multiple dimensions and interstitial qualities, while also dissecting and representing the images and surfaces from landmark artworks within art history. Their existential relationships with the artist derive distortions and new meanings from fine internal deliberation.