irregularity, which is to say the unexpected, surprise, astonishment, is an essential part, and indeed the characteristic of beauty..

(Charles Baudelaire)

So is often the eye of the artist, in this case of two young artists, an Italian, Anna Cirillo, and the other Pakistani, Momina Muhammad, who share the research and representation of beauty through an element usually far from common definition of beautiful: the bones.

The first one, Anna Cirillo, decided to paint them, to create with a technique derived from the study of classics a series of portraits of animals, or, in other words, skulls and skeletons; subjects that boast all their majesty on precious backgrounds: gold, pompeian red or silver.

The second, Momina Muhammad, decided to use them as raw material: for small sculptures and jewels. The surface of a goat skull is thus transformed into white canvas to represent scenes from the Persian tradition: miniatures titled "It is still green on my land", meaning that beauty is born and exists even in difficult situations.

The last part of the exhibition is dedicated to jewelery, always made with bones, Momina's recent creations, which have already had a remarkable impression in Pakistan, who also presented them in fashion shows by local fashion designers.

Here, too, we will get close to fashion with the collaboration of designer Gianluca Saitto.