To coincide with The Dulwich Artist Open House bo.lee HQ will open its doors with two exhibitions in the Viewing Room, Gallery Room and Garden.

The gallery room and garden will host guest and gallery artists in a group show titled Traces.

Comprising a variety of mediums including photography, installation, sculpture and painting, these works share a fascination in the force of nature, as explored by Ambrosine Allen in her solo exhibition in the gallery viewing room. Whilst Ambrosine's work imagines possible futures taken over by nature, these selected artists trace the lines that it leaves behind. Often taking nature as their tool, the artists document and recreate the perpetual forces found within it. From sublime landscapes to derelict and overgrown buildings, the interior and exterior collide. In the gallery room, we are guided by light, portal or gesture, to a place where only nature exists.

The bo.lee HQ garden hosts an atmospheric installation 'The Clearing' by Clare Burnett that traces absence in sculptural 'drawings' of Victorian headstones. The work was first commissioned to remember absent graves in West Norwood Cemetery in 2012, and now takes on a new form as a site specific installation in which the viewer is invited to consider personal and collective histories.