This May, Jealous will be showcasing and celebrating some of the finest, and feistiest, female talent from the Jealous roster. Running from 17th May - 18th June 2017, ‘Girls Girls Girls’ group show is exclusive to Jealous North and features an array of screen printed and original works from each artist, which includes Ceal Warnants, Jess Wilson, Magda Archer, Sadie Hennessy, Sarai Vardi, and Shuby.

Exhibiting a series of multi-disciplinary works, ‘Girls Girls Girls’ will demonstrate the kitsch, subversive, humorous, dark and absurd, as created by a small selection of Jealous female artists, all of whom take a different approach to producing and making art, but have printmaking form a component of their practice. Placed alongside some of our most popular screen printed editions from Jealous Print Studio, we will also be showing Jess Wilson’s infamously renegade sculptural light switch works, Shuby’s cheeky ‘Fuck You Pants’, and Sadie Hennessy’s glass encased ceramic ‘British Humour (Tits)’ among many more wi_y works.

Head down to Jealous North to feast your eyes on these fabulous female contemporary artists, bringing their brash, bright and downright brilliant works to Crouch End.

Ceal Warnants graduated from The Royal College of Art MA in 2008, and has gained several awards for her work. Ceal’s practice delves into the dark side of British culture focusing particularly on ideas of youth and innocence. Creating subversive images of childhood that question nostalgic, saccharine depictions of growing up, Ceal’s work is both darkly comic and disturbingly truthful.

Jess Wilson is an illustrator and printmaker, and has been living and working in London since graduating in 2006. Using crayons, paints, ink and paper to create her unique illustrations and typographic works, she draws inspirations from humorous occurrences which happen around her in real life and in the media. Jess has worked with top clients producing jobs for clients such as Uniqlo, Financial Times, Meat Magazine, “HUSTLE”, Starbucks and many more.

Magda Archer is a London-based artist and printmaker. Magda's prints first appeared in the cult show 'Kiss of a lifetime’ at Vane, Newcastle in 2009. Her first solo exhibition 'Crazy Mad' was in 2011 at The Corner house, Manchester. Since then she has exhibited in 'London Calling’ at The Idea GeneraNon Gallery, and alongside Richard Long at The Royal Academy of Arts, London. Magda's work has been used by a variety of different companies from Blue Q in the U.S. to the SHIRT campaign for Commes des Garcons in 2012.

Sadie Hennessy graduated from Central St. Martins College in 2010 with an MA in Fine Art. In 2010 she was selected as the inaugural artist at the Lautrec Gallery at Chelsea Arts Club. Sadie’s work is concerned with absurdity and poignancy, operating within a cultural frameworks of ‘Englishness’. Unsettling her audiences and eliciting a jolt of recognition, Sadie is not afraid of using humour to create a reaction.

Sarai Vardi is an artist based in West Yorkshire. She graduated from an animaNon and illustration degree from Kingston University in 2009 before completing a MA Conservation course at Camberwell. Now working as a Book Conservator, Sarai still draws and also creates ceramics with her work being influenced by vintage matchboxes, seventies porn and comic books.

Shuby uses print, collage, paint and photography to create original reinterpretations that revel in absurdity, kitsch and irony. Her cheeky variations are almost dream-like in their Technicolor intensity. Shuby has also made a large amount of street art that includes paste ups and spray painted shutters. Using the banana moNf throughout her studio work and on the street, Shuby has created a naughty but innocent calling card that is instantly recognisable and humorous.