RxArt is proud to be the charitable partner of the artistic collaboration, the Minted 50, led by Van’s General Store (VGS), the creative agency co-founded by Scott Carlson and Liev Schreiber; Andy Spade; and Minted, the marketplace for the world’s emerging artists. The Minted 50 celebrates spontaneous design and collaboration with independent creators, influencers, and artists. RxArt invited Olaf Breuning, Ann Craven and Daniel Heidkamp to participate in this fun collaboration.

Breuning, Craven and Heidkamp have each collaborated with RxArt on either the organization’s multivolume coloring book, "Between The Lines," limited edition prints or through the RxArt PARTY. For the Minted 50, Breuning undertook “Designer MacGyver” and created a sculpture out of just 3 random items, while Craven and Heidkamp designed their own sets of unique bookmarks. Heidkamp’s bookmarks are based on a collage created especially for this project.

The campaign culminates in an exhibition at Van’s General Store’s Yellow Chair Gallery in NYC’s Lower East Side on Saturday, May 6th where all 50 projects will be on display and available to purchase. The exhibition will be on view through May 20. All proceeds benefit RxArt.