Cordesa Fine Art is pleased to present, Presence Of An Outside Force, a solo exhibition featuring Los Angeles based artist, Katy Ann Gilmore. Gilmore has created site-specific installations and wall relief paintings that invite the viewer to explore beyond their current universal existence.

Gilmore uses the concept of gravity to investigate the disciplines of cantanteries, parallel universes, and vanishing points which creates the foundation of this specific body of work. Gilmore executes this subject matter with her meticulous obsessive process of clean paint strokes. Ultimately, Gilmore presents the viewer with the opportunity to explore an element beyond their physical being and to nurture their curiosities about outside forces.

Katy Ann Gilmore received her Master Of Fine Art in 2014 from Azusa Pacific University. In 2016 Gilmore participated in the Red Bull House of Art Residency, Detroit, Michigan and in Summer of 2017 she will partake in 4Culture Murals in Seattle, WA. Gilmore’s murals are in several priva