The Exhibition Feu Sacré (sacred fire) proposes a cross-reference between Christopher Boots’ light fixures and Gilles Pernet’s tapestries from his series Accademia. This exhibition is executed with the underlining motif of Mythology, a common thread that bridges the work of both artists.

Australian designer Christopher Boots’ debut show for Armel Soyer also marks his first personal show in Europe. The pieces of Christopher Boots draw in space geometrical, alkaline and raw forms on which bind minerals such as lapis lazuli and rock cristal. These semi-precious stones are sacred vessel of light and tell us the fable of one who bestows the knowledge of the gods to mortals.

After Soldats Endormis, two new tapestries by Gilles Pernet complete his Accademia series. Here ancient myths are approached through Renaissance painting which is contextualized by photographs of contemporary nudes. These woven pictures intertwine the profane and the sacred: Color versus Black&White, as well as archaism and eternity like labyrinthine allegories of the passing of time.

From Prometheus to Ariane, these new pieces propose the discovery of objects as fascinating antiquities of the future. They are the witnesses of History, a history created from its’ myths whether past or future.