“Wall int city” photo exhibition of Yasuo Kiyonaga is held at both Artisan TokyoPhoto Gallery Artisan and Artisan Japanesque.

Artisan Japanesque relocates in "Kyoto Photography Museum" and it will be reborn as a new gallery with three exhibition spaces. As an opening celebration, Yasuo Kiyonaga's two new series photo exhibitions will be held at the same time. "WinterWonderland" at the first floor exhibition room “Tsuki”, “Wall in the city" at the second floor exhibition room "Hana" will be held.

Yasuo Kiyonaga, Born in Kagawa, Japan, in 1948 . member of the Japan Professional Photographers Society (JPS)and the Photographic Society of Japan (PSJ) Principal of Photo Gallery Artisan .

Has published many photography books such as “Paris Sketch”, “Japanese Beautiful Landscapes”, “Spirit of Forest”, “Afterglow of Ancient Towns”, “Leslie” among others.