Good art comes from pivotal moments of struggle in life. The ability to channel that pain and transfer it to the canvas is art in motion. For Will Day, art allows him to confront that pain, see the light at the end of the tunnel. This show celebrates the resilience in life. It explores the limits of the human condition. Life is broken, glass fragmented pieces; the light shines through our sharp edges and hard times creating something truly stunning. In brokenness, in pain is light and beauty. Will’s art takes life on with a creative perspective revealing quintessential truths in all of us.

“A reader of Joseph Campbell, Day enters each work as a path through the unknown to a self-overcoming experience. Considering himself a doer, it is the act of painting that drives each work to where it wants to be. Day starts with a lone mark. Then he struggles with and relents to the viscous material accepting and resisting, using color as some sort of otherworldly force that aligns with or bursts out of the emerging configuration is not usually the means by which artists tell a story, but Will Day approaches his canvases and wood panels as an opportunity to bring forth a story in the moment and not as a sequence of events” as described by Stephanie Grili, Writer and Art Historian Abstraction, who recently studied Day’s paintings.

After the trauma of 9/11, Day left a career in finance and studied architecture, which later lead to painting. Day creates textures, layers, and effects layers, discovering relationships and using resulting edges to create structure. Working on multiple paintings at the same time in his Boulder, Colorado studio, he reaches for an emotional power based in grand design that yet defies limits, which he believes he attains through grace.