Luciana Brito Galeria is pleased to announce its next exhibition, opening on June 7th in Rome as the result of a collaboration with T293 gallery. From June 7th through July 29th, Luciana Brito Galeria features an exclusive collective exhibit in the space of T293, bringing recent works by Héctor Zamora, Pablo Lobato and Rafael Carneiro.

Héctor Zamora presents his work “Sra. do Cabo - Ordem e Progresso”, 2017, an installation consisting of the wreck of a traditional Portuguese fishing boat, as well as two exclusive photographs entitled “Ordem e Progresso”, 2017 (133 x 200 cm). The works featured at the exhibition evoke maritime tradition rooted in Portuguese culture, referencing the sociopolitical meaning that boats gain in the current context of migration. They present themselves as an unfolding of the “Ordem e Progresso”, 2017, performance, held by the artist in March this year at the MAAT museum in Lisbon.

Pablo Lobato presents the series “Rest”, 2015, consisting of 14 photographs of Israeli soldiers in a resting position (32 x 45 cm each) and the video installation “Castell”, 2012, conceived during the traditional Catalan party where human towers are raised, hence the name of the work. Whilst in “Rest” Pablo Lobato conjures a new gaze through the proposed cut for the image, in “Castell” the artist once again explores the idea of cut as a poetic solution, creating an unusual framing that displaces and provokes the viewer.

Rafael Carneiro participates in the exhibition with two paintings Untitled, 2010 (150 x 200 cm each). In these paintings, the artist portrays neutral spaces, not only in terms of the faded colors, but also by the detached nature of the spaces. These are worn away images, captured by security cameras at NASA bases. Rafael Carneiro’s work is articulated precisely around this very contrast between the quality of the scene recorded by these security devices and the pictorial quality expected of a screen. The paintings were created by the artist during an artistic residence in Paris, France, in 2010.

The second stage of this collaboration will take place in August in São Paulo at Luciana Brito Galeria, where T293 will hold an exclusive exhibition featuring works by their represented artists.