Having taken over StolenSpace in 2015 with his incredible sell out solo show ‘The New Pollution’, we are excited to have Ben Frost once again in London with his tongue-in-cheek humour and unique style.

Famed for painting over iconic and medical packaging, from McDonald’s to Dior, Frost’s work forces the viewer to look at our modern capitalist society, and our attitudes towards branding, advertisements and blasé approach to medications.

Frost’s work now takes a new approach, moving onto canvases, sculptures and experimental work. The tile for the show ‘Skip A.D..’ is an instantly recognisable phrase, one which we click past everyday. Frost invites the viewer to attempt to ‘Skip Ad’; to look past the advertising which engulfs our day to day lives and view it from his twisted perspective.

"Every time I watch a streaming video on the internet, I'm forced to sit through an advertisement at the beginning of each video. Seeing the little 'SKIP AD' button made me consider that a big part of our engagement with society is via a never ending series of advertisements. Sometimes I wish we could just skip the entire millennium - Skip A.D."

By subverting mainstream iconography from the worlds of advertising, entertainment and politics, he creates a visual framework that is bold, confronting and often controversial.

His imagery often shows hentai inspired girls, highlighting the hyper-sexualisation which overwhelms modern advertising. Children’s’ characters appear sexualised, Freddy Krueger reigns large over an American flag, In Skip A.D.’ Frost welcomes the viewer into his disturbing American Dream.