It’s a busy art season for Mayfair, and Imitate Modern presents a new show “Summer Edition 2017” that unites the bold colours, vibrancy and movement of the year’s hottest season under one roof in their new space in the heart of Mayfair, Shepherd Market, just a short walk away from the Royal Academy and its Summer Exhibition (that featured Oliver Dunsch’s photograph “Mouthwatering” in 2016).

The aim of the show is to enthral and inspire visitors to celebrate the new season with quirky and original artworks, reflective of the summer mood in their medium and subject matters.

The exhibition showcases original “fake” Vogue covers by Max Wiedemann, each dedicated to a particular London neighbourhood and a London it-girl, with amusing headlines, such as “The Only Pain is Champagne”, “Hungry or Horny: The Secret Sex Laws”, “Closer To God in Heels”.

The neon artworks by British artist Mark Illuminati quite literally illuminate the gallery space in a club-feel soft neon light, and celebrate Queen Elizabeth II, whose Royal Birthday coincides with the opening of the show. One of the neon pieces, “Queen in Residence,” features an original vintage flag that used to hang at the Buckingham Palace when the Queen was present in the building.

The show also features works by the art world’s “pinkest pink” provocateur Stuart Semple, as well as dance photography by Cody Choi, a choreographer and dancer at Cody’s Moving Group.