Steve Turner is pleased to present Caution: Wet Floor, a solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based Yung Jake that features combines made of yellow powder-coated steel panels, found metal and monitors upon which the artist has painted, drawn, printed and attached tape and stickers. Images of stretched and twisted bottles of Evian water, nostalgic imagery from pop culture, consumer products and other random representations exist alongside graffitied texts.There also will be a yellow painted truck in the center of the gallery.

The opening reception for Caution: Wet Floor is a central part of the exhibition and it will take place between 9 pm and 12 am on Saturday, June 17. It will feature performances by Kreayshawn, Matt Ox, and Chief Keef and is organized in collaboration with Illroots. To attend the event, guests need to register in advance and get an armband.

Yung Jake was established on the Internet in 2011 when he became well known for his rap videos that integrate the worlds of hip-hop, technology, social media and contemporary art. In the last few years, he has also gained attention for his metal combines which in 2017 were featured in ARS17, Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum, Helsinki and 21C Museum Hotel, Nashville where there is a permanently installed Yung Jake suite. This is his fifth solo exhibition at Steve Turner.