K. Imperial Fine Art is pleased to present its first solo show of the work of Ellie Fritz.

Ellie utilizes various printmaking processes to inform her paintings and drawings. These works evolve through processes of physical interactions working with two extremes: the weight of impression and the levity of erasure. Included in the show are works incorporating the embossing of fabrics, other works employ screen-printing tools, while others lift and remove the ink generating gesture with a reductive process.

I ultimately view the works as remnants of process.

(Ellie Fritz)

Fritz is continually exploring and pushing the boundaries of unexpected materials in her work. Many are hybrids incorporating charcoal, dry pigment and spray paint while paper is her support of choice allowing a sensibility of improvisation and blurring the boundaries between strength and vulnerability.

Ellie Fritz has exhibited her work in New York, Alabama, and San Francisco. She completed both her BFA (2004) and MFA (2008) at the San Francisco Art Institute and has received several honors, including the Spring Show Award (2004) and a Teaching Assistantship (2008), both at SFAI. She has taught through extension programs in San Francisco, including ACE at the San Francisco Art Institute. She was featured in Studio Visit Magazine in 2010. She was an artist-in-residence at KALA Art Institute in 2008 and again in 2017 where she produced many of the works for this show. Fritz lives and works in Marin County, California.