J+ Gallery is pleased to present “Simply As” . On view from June 21st through June 30th, 2017. This exhibition explores materiality and perception with works by artists Yu Ming Chan, Ella Medicus, Isabel Alonso Vega and Max Zorn.

Yu Ming Chan is a mixed media painter from Hong Kong who is based in New York. The artist melds with multiple of formats mediums by putting together different colors, shapes, marks, materials, and compositions that he is able to create visually pleasing and interesting in his works. He is mostly inspired by high-end fashion and minimal modern art, and the most of his works express aesthetics and beauties of rectangles. In terms of his craftsmanship, he shows how common shapes can convert to exclusive masterpieces.

Ella Medicus is a mixed media artist based in Cleveland. Her materials vary from project to project, but the inspiration stems from her surroundings, experiences, store products, and observations of societal structure. She uses fakes and replicas to reference social constructs and convey ideas of worth and worthlessness, trickery, misinterpretations, and assumptions that we make every day. Her work blends the boundaries between the digital and physical realms.

Isabel Alonso Vega is a Spanish artist based in between Madrid and Berlin. Her artworks capture clouds on transparent sheets, inside acrylic perspex boxes. She paints with smoke, recreating the depth of the black with expansive movement. Her techniques are uncontrollable and surprising.

Max Zorn a street artist based in Amsterdam, creates haunting, sharp, and cinematic portraits using only packing tape. His masterful workings of light and shadow make you forget how limiting his materials are and embrace the medium for all its possibilities.