Robert Berman Gallery presents (space) Men in the Cities, an exhibition of new scratchboards by David Trulli.

Inspired by Robert Longo's groundbreaking work "Men in the Cities," David Trulli takes it further out with (space) Men in the Cities.

"With each passing day we all feel a little more untethered. No stars or landmarks guide us in our new world" says Trulli, "The stress causes us fits, makes us semi-conscious, or in my case, makes me bounce back and forth between the two. It's dizzying."

Trulli adds: "Many days I’m ready to take the next spaceship out of here.”

David Trulli works in scratchboard: a white clay-coated board, covered with black ink. Fine knives are used to delicately scrape away the ink, creating the image. A former cinematographer, Trulli compares working in scratchboard to lighting a film set: “it starts out black and you add light.”

David Trulli was born in New York and currently lives and works in Hollywood.