From a technical fragmentation to more dreamlike or sensitive, the Fragment [s] exhibition brings together a corpus of artists from the Greater East region.

The fragment here seems inseparable from the notion of souvenir and memory.

Linked to art and artists, it evokes not only the fracture but also the memory, those from samples taken for their plastic and gestural individualities to our collective memory. The omnipresence also, through certain works, of a reminiscence all Proustian where the emotional memory sometimes appears as a comfort, sometimes as a means to recover a lost past. «The best part of our memory is outside of us, in a rainy breath, in the stale smell of a room or in the smell of a first outbreak, wherever we find ourselves ...» ( Marcel Proust, Jeunes filles en fleurs). Sometimes more formal for certain pieces of the exhibition, the fragmentation remains nonetheless inert, frozen, petrified.

Present in the work, articulated to other fragments, it imposes itself by its dynamism. It puts tension, creates echoes, frictions, articulations, dialogues.

In view of the works presented in the exhibition, the fragment no longer appears as the remains of a lost unit, but is then perceived as an integral part of a whole. Each of the works presented in the exhibition questions both intimacy, the relation to the world and others, thus putting the fragment at the service of an opening, an encounter.

Beyond the geographical link, this selection of artists uses a certain poetry of the fragment: it brings music to Eline Dussart when it brings us together in the works of Yanina Isuani. From Odile Jager-Poirel’s dreamy spaces to the meticulous fragmentation of Clément Schmit works’s, from the relationship to the world to the necessary dichotomy of Laura Battistella, to the festive or popular reminiscences of Joachim Biehler and Gerson Bettencourt Ferreira, sensitive vision of a kaleidoscopic world.

The scenography of the works allows us to question these individualities and then to question our common memory. The Fragment [s] exhibition is an invitation to go from one fragment to another.