Artist Sam Gare, from Morden London, has announced an exhibition of her work at the renowned Curious Duke Gallery near Old Street, launching on Tuesday 4 July for a limited time only. The exhibition, titled ‘Might’, will raise money for blood cancer research charity Bloodwise, after Sam was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia earlier this year.

Sam, 34, has teamed up with her friend Eleni Duke, 27 - who became the capital’s youngest gallerist when she opened the Curious Duke Gallery on Whitecross Street in 2011 – to host the exhibition running from 4 to 8 July 2017 and solely featuring Sam’s impressive and striking work.

Sam was diagnosed with the disease after a routine blood test, and although it is incurable, it can be controlled by taking a daily pill. She says:

“Before 2000, my prognosis would have been very different to today, with an average life span of three to six years. Whenever I read this I can’t help but feel incredibly lucky and forever thankful for the research into blood cancers. Unlike conventional chemotherapy drugs, this ‘magic bullet’ drug targets the cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells alone. Not only has this changed my own life, and many others, but has also been described as the dawn of targeted cancer treatment.”

The exhibition is a way for Sam to combine her passion for art with her determination to raise money to fund research that is helping to find more targeted treatments for patients with blood cancers such as leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma.

“Unfortunately there are so many types of blood cancer still affecting and taking many lives, and it is charities like Bloodwise that have helped fund the research for treatments like mine. The exhibition will reflect the strength and power of both mountains and those fighting cancer and will display my artwork from the last few years, with 50% of all sales going directly to the charity.

“We all have our mountains to climb, usually mine are drawings, but as I conquer my own metaphorical mountain, I’m forever thankful that I can enjoy the view on the climb, that my heart is still beating, and life is still there to be lived”, Sam adds.

Eleni Duke, dubbed the ‘Duchess of Whitecross Street’, adds: “we are honoured to be hosting this exhibition for Samantha Gare by raising awareness for blood cancer and showing support to Samantha’s emerging artistic career. We delighted to be able support this event as the chosen venue as well as to inspire viewers with the beauty of Samantha’s art work.”

Ben Sykes, Area Development Manager at Bloodwise, says: “Sam is an inspiration to all of us here at Bloodwise. Her positivity through such a challenging illness is a credit to her strength of character. We’re so excited to be benefitting from Sam’s exhibition at the Curious Duke Gallery and the money raised from this event will ensure we’re able to continue to invest in life-saving research into blood cancer, a disease which kills more people each year than breast or prostate cancer.”