Philippe Druillet, a pioneer and legend in the comic book industry, takes a pivotal position and enjoys a great reputation in the world. In his extraordinary fate, Druillet’s way of creation started with his enthusiastic, painful, heartbroken and other extreme forces. His sharp and strong drawing style has changed the whole science fiction world.

Who would be able to confront such a monument? If anyone can take on this challenge, it's Li Chaoxiong.

This young Chinese painter, who signs his paintings under his alias "Arx Lee", is an illustrator of genius. Through his works he projected us with infinite poetry into lost worlds and galaxies populated by colored mechanics and magic puppets.

At this exhibition, Arx Lee was invited to enter the world of Druillet and the works co-created by them were exhibited. A special magic arising from their encounter and interaction invites us to rethink the value of people with another insight in the borderless extra-dimensional space.

These two artists are the balance between toughness and fragileness, painfulness and gentleness, impulsiveness and emotionality. The combination of these two forces is similar to harmonious coexistence of Yin and Yang, like the immortal cultural site embracing the new growing forces.