How complex are human relationships?

Orbits is an international exhibition on the nature of human relationships, organized by eight art and film students of the UdK Berlin, the RCA London and the HfbK Hamburg.

Boundaries, closeness, exclusion, dependency, hatred, and love are explored in the exhibited works, building a manifold perspective that involves narration, documentation, and experimentation.

Relationships are described as a dance of converging and diverging movements, as an interplay of approach and separation, transformation and return to the original position. People orbit each other: they react to other bodies, to their mass and volume. Different orbits intersect, often overlap and then diverge, in a whirl of attraction and repulsion.

Through video content and performances, the works interact with each other, and open a dialog with the spectators in an intimate environment. These interactions invite the viewer to see familiar things in a new light, which also allows for contradictions and eccentricity. (Cristina Travanini)