'Teerth', pronounced as the English tears, literally means a place for pilgrimage. It is also the name of a guesthouse in a city where people travel to die in the expectation of salvation from the circle of rebirth, the circle of existence.

In the upcoming solo show of Stanislaw Lewkowicz the artist combines his lithography technique and photography with Kantha stitching and Patachitra painting from West Bengal. The technique of Patachitra powerful natural colors, powerful lines and vast brushstrokes is used by Lewkowicz to describe his personal pilgrimage from guesthouse to guesthouse, coloured by a shady world and drawn by a reality that plays at night in the mind.

The Patachitra painter Manu Chitrakar from Naya interpreted the work by Lewkowicz. The result is a blend of East and West story-telling, of past and present. For the project Lewkowicz worked with the Calcutta Art Research Foundation (CARF), Kolkata, in West Bengal for which he received an artist residency from the Mondriaan Fonds - Foundation.