Sezon Art Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition called Derivation from the Trunk by three talented artists, Kouseki Ono, Masuda Masahiro and Ryo Kikuchi.

Kouseki Ono is pursuing the possibilities of flat surfaces by the process of piling up and overprinting multiple layers of ink as dots arranged in a honeycomb structure.

Masuda Masahiro uses one motif in his photography, and in that motif by the use of a projector he freely takes multiple exposures in numerous photoshoots and projections.

Ryo Kikuchi produces artwork that yields a perceptual experience that rocks the reality of watched objects, against the background of Buddhist concepts and philosophy.

These three artists are creating works of art using the common method of silk screen printing.

However, they are not tied to the concept of a singular method of expression of print. Their work is created in ways which allows them to think distinctively and freely, beyond the framework of techniques and materials. Is it possible that this really is a derived expression from the trunk?