The 613 is a major painting project by Archie Rand presented at The CJM in its museum debut and first appearance outside New York City. In traditional Jewish texts 613 rules for ethical and religious behavior are asked of all Jews. Rand’s exhibition includes one painting for each one of the 613; they are acrylic on canvas paintings (20 x 16 in.) arranged in a huge grid comprising 1700 square feet.

There will be a digital kiosk in the middle of the gallery so that visitors can access each of the 613 paintings in close up, along with the admonition translated into English. A film about Rand’s The 613, directed and animated by Tatiana McCabe, will also be on view in the gallery.

At the special invitation of CJM Executive Director Lori Starr, a new painting by Rand, on what some consider to be number 614: never forget, is included in the exhibition, displayed separately in the gallery.