“Should all be known? oh, I think not” – Those were the words Paul Klee inscribed on one of his very last – never completed – works. The exhibition takes a fresh look at Klee, the painter who was also a poet, word acrobat, philosopher – and much more besides.

Taken in conjunction, images and captions also illustrate Klee's own poetic skills. Frequently coupled with subtle humour and irony, his linguistic creativity allows for some surprising associative interpretations of his works and adds new dimensions that may not be evident at first glance. Klee's oeuvre is the expression of an artistic mind in an amazing range of shapes and a vast number of drawings and paintings.

The artist's mental and spiritual universe is explored in three different consecutive presentations. A selection of books from Klee's private library invites to embark on a 'short journey into the land of better understanding'.