Ramiro Fernandez Saus last exhibited in London in 2012, so it is with great excitement that we are able to present a new series of paintings based on the theme of the ‘Passions’. In the last two decades Fernandez Saus has become one of the most well known Spanish artists of his generation. In 2005 he was given a retrospective at the Museum of Sabadell and his works are in the collections of the Reine Sofia in Madrid and the Albertina Museum in Vienna. Fernandez Saus has a particularly strong following in the UK of important collectors who remain passionate about his work.

Fernandez Saus has sometimes been attracted to the this type of thematic collection of paintings. In the past he has worked on the Miracle of the Birds, The Life of the Gardener, A Series of Sports, Stories of the Opera... This collection of paintings has been inspired by the work of the Catalan painter Joan Brotat who in 1954 who was commissioned by the philosopher Eugeni d'Ors to create a group of paintings on the theme of the Passions. Fernandez Saus has gone on to create a series of paintings based on his own unorthodox passions. His is a completely free interpretation and is lead by the way the Passions adapt to his imagination and iconography.

The usual cast of characters make appearances; tigers, dogs, cats and birds appear within the interiors. Hogarth and other artists of the eighteenth century frequently depicted the passions as a fall from grace. Fernandez s offers us his poetic and human account of his interpretation of the passions. This series of thirteen works 49cm x 57cm evoke a theatre and each painting depicts a different passion.

Fernandez Saus has also created a new painted bronze sculpture for this exhibition.

As well as collectors such as the Bonham Carter family, Ramiro has also formed a kinship with British artists. The late Craigie Aitchison and Anthony Fry were fans of his work. More recently he has been asked by Mick Rooney to decorate a Ukulele for Art on a Ukulele where well known and loved artists have been invited to decorate ukuleles which will be showcased at a charity performance with the Ukulele orchestra of Great Britain and an auction where the money raised will go to the Hepatitus C Trust.