The Room of Encounters is an immersive space dedicated to special exhibitions proposing a direct and intense encounter with the poetic, plural and hybrid universe of art. It is aimed at everybody – and at children and youngsters in particular – and seeks to explore and incite the creation of ways to experience and reflect on art. It opens a new perspective of action for the museum’s exhibition space, looking to deepen the basic concepts of the MAR project: the democratization of the system and instrumentality of art.

Our hope is that the space functions as an experimental field for the exchange of knowledge between two worlds: the world of art and the people that experience it, that of the open language of art, and the world of the language configured as the instrument and place of the subject in the world, that of a socially active museum and of its public.

The Room of Encounters invites the permanent engagement of the public in the activities that will take place within it. Its furniture aims at the staging of lectures, small concerts, performances, etc. – and, in particular, hosting the education programmes that the museum offers.