Open Mind Art Space is pleased to present “Still Connected”, a solo exhibition featuring drawings by Brian Mallman.

“Still Connected” is a collection of new drawings from Brian Mallman’s latest series called “Damaged… but still connected”. These large scale drawings on wood panels, which measure about 4 feet square in size, revisit his previous series called “String Games”, which were renderings of hands connected with strings. It examined relationships and the increasing power and potential they hold as the world becomes more connected and intertwined, something Mallman now realizes was an idealistic look at humanity.

“Damaged… but still connected” was created shortly after the presidential election earlier this year, which had left Mallman feeling pessimistic about the the future of the country. It was during a trip to Death Valley with his family and friends that he started to see a glimpse of hope, through the connections he made with other people visiting the park from all over the world, and their shared experience of appreciating the natural beauty of one America’s most unique national parks. Mallman reflects, “It was a reminder that this country is bigger than one leader. We may be damaged from this experience, but we are still connected. We still have the potential to use that connection to create a better world.” The “Damaged… but still connected” series still holds onto the artist’s optimism for humanity, however the drawings depict hands that are now bent and twisted, symbolizing that we are still connected, but there is no doubt that damage has been done.

Brian Mallman is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin born artist currently living in Los Angeles, California. He is married to the artist Mary Jean Mallman and they have two sons. He is the founder and former director of NELAart, a Los Angeles based arts organization. He is also the founder and director of the 50NYORK Gallery in Highland Park, and the creator of “Play Music on the Porch Day”. His work includes drawings and sculpture, as well as social practice.