Steve Turner is pleased to present Carne World Tour, an exhibition by Adriana Martínez, Mariana Murcia, Juan Sebastián Peláez and Santiago Pinyol, members of the Bogota-based artist collective Carne Gallery.

The artists will present works that reuse everyday objects and images, and in so doing, they accentuate both hidden and obvious aspects of daily life. Using wit, repetition and decontextualization, the artists seek to create second thoughts about familiar objects and images, the things that are often right in front of us and that may go unnoticed.

The four artists will live in Los Angeles for the month prior to the exhibition and will create their works with locally sourced materials. Instead of shipping art created in Colombia, they hope that their activity in Los Angeles will imbue their works with something that is both local and global.

Carne Gallery (established 2014) exhibits at art fairs, airbnbs, and partner galleries around the world and it promotes activities in Colombia by presenting exhibitions by foreign artists, presenting talks and hosting parties.