Victori+Mo is pleased to present House Work, a solo exhibition of new works by Jonathan Chapline, on view September 8 – October 22, 2017. House Work will include a series of medium- and large-scale paintings and sculptures, marking a continuation of the artist’s ongoing investigation of digital aesthetics, with a particular interest in exploring how technological developments impact the ways we mediate the world around us.

Trained as a painter, Chapline incorporates traditional methods of mark making, sketching, and painting with rendering softwares in an artistic process that obscures the boundary between analogue and digital modes of production. His paintings draw from the aesthetics of early computer-generated imagery and computer-appropriated images, employing techniques such as the use of color gradients to represent spatial relationships between forms. Painted upon a bright underlayer, these images are reminiscent of both cell phone screens and film noir sets. Still lifes of objects in domestic spaces are sourced from both material reality and the canon of art history. The resulting images call to mind the works of artists such as Marnett Larsen, Fernand Léger, and René Magritte.

For House Work, Chapline has painted the interior gallery walls electric indigo, a color dominating the background space of many of his paintings. The paintings are presented alongside sculptures arranged on a table, which are representations of the objects depicted within his paintings. The viewer is invited to navigate this voided space with a suspension of disbelief, disembodied between the virtual and the real, where one projects oneself into an alternate reality.

Jonathan Chapline (b. 1987 Savannah, Georgia lives and works in Brooklyn, NY) received a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. He has a solo exhibition at Lagoon, GCA, New York and has been included in group exhibitions at The Hole, New York; CES Gallery, Los Angeles; Annarumma Gallery, Naples, Italy; and Castor Gallery, New York.