The Edward Thorp Gallery will present a group exhibition around the theme of the narrative in art. Approximately 30 works will be presented including both European and American artists.

Narrative art can be organized in a number of thematic categories: anecdote, myth, and transcript, imaginary and fictional narratives. As long as a sequence of events is presented, this narrative approach to image making allows the artist to not only create but to connect thoughts and images.

The range of mediums selected including painting, drawing, photography, outsider art, circus banners, commercial signage and calligraphy will reflect various styles and attitudes. Stories are told as an instant in a continuing storyline or as a succession of events unfolding over time. Subjects ranging from political commentary to faith to history are illustrated with graphic invention and distinctive technique. These works evoke emotions and ignite the imagination.

Artists to be included are Martin Assig, Bruce Conner, Robert Frank, Steve Gianakos, George Grosz, Jess, June Leaf, Fred W. McDarrah, Malcolm Morley, Jenny Snider, Nancy Spero, David Wojnarowicz, among others. Concurrent will be recent works by Chuck Boyce a self-taught abstractionist in the project room. This artist will be having a larger scale solo exhibit with the gallery later in the season.