In April 2016, artist / activist Whitney Bell’s traveling dick pic art show ( I Didn’t Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics ) premiered to raucous applause, vitriolic outcry, and lots and lots of discussion. The questions it raises about consent and patriarchal power in our society has united artists and feminist thought leaders from across the world in their participation with the show, and garnered tens of millions of media impressions in outlets as disparate as Ms. Magazine and Playboy, Vice and The Huffington Post, and even internationally in The Sun, BBC Radio, Daily Mail and more.

We’ve seen two incarnations of the exhibit so far: one in LA and the second in San Francisco. Now, on October 6, I Didn’t Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics is returning to Los Angeles for a two-day only showcase at Think Tank Gallery in Downtown LA.

The exhibit will feature over 150 dick pics curated by Bell and team (many not seen in previous shows), collages of hostile messages curated by the Instagram account @byefelipe, original pieces donated by artists inspired by the show, new dick jokes and more, all displayed in a setting modeled after Bell’s own apartment (and using her actual furniture).

"I didn't just want to put a bunch of penises on the wall,” Bell says about her reasons for the set design. “I wanted to recreate the environment where a woman receives these unsolicited penis pictures. Eating lunch in the kitchen. Lounging in the bathtub. Watching TV on the couch. I want to convey the reality that even when you’re home alone by yourself, there’s no escaping the patriarchy.”