Thackeray Gallery is delighted to announce the return of artist David Klein with his latest show ‘Carving through time’. Four years in the making, this show comprises 25 sculptures of striking beauty, from figurative work of heads & torsos, to stunning animal forms – all of which have been created in marble, opal, purbeck & Portland stone.

David Klein MRBS came to art not by any direct route, instead completing both Bachelors & Masters Degrees in Engineering. He continued his Art education at the Universty of Exeter, before completing a Post-Graduate at Frink School of Sculpture.

‘Carving through time’ captures David Klein MRBS at his very best. The essence of David’s work is to take one of the hardest, heaviest materials, and work with it respectfully, rendering the stone into something weightless, soft, and touching. A figure crouched, emerging out of stone, creates a beautiful feeling of tenderness: a bird, watching, waiting light as feather, the details suggestive and real. He uses the stone as part of the narrative, and often lets it dictate the flow of the piece.