Where would we be without art? Art is a connector and a divider, it invites discourse and creates engagement—art can be cathartic or provocative for both the viewer and the artist.

The newly launched Marie Baldwin Gallery presents “argument,” featuring the works of Los Angeles-based artist painter Maxim and sculptor Camilla Taylor. “argument” is a symposium to exchange thought, dialogue and debate in order to get closer to the truth.

Sculptor Camilla Taylor and painter Maxim are from different parts of the world—she Salt Lake City, he from Prague—yet they have much in common. Both are intellectuals who faced big issues head-on early in life.

They are thinkers, unveiling ideologies through their own complicated lenses, reflecting a lifetime of internal questions about truth, consciousness, and existence. In their work, they embrace new methods of working and materials. They use symbolism, visual relationships, and gesture, to reveal their philosophies and narratives.