CE&G is pleased to announce the solo exhibition by Mikito Ozeki. This will be our 3rd solo exhibition with Ozeki who is currently based and works in his home town Nagoya City, Japan.

Most recently, Ozeki’s work has stepped further into the idea of freeing himself from the typical concept of paper cutting, expanding his expressions to a more three dimensional way.

These changes can also be felt through his statement for this solo exhibition.

Static and dynamic. Going blank. On the contrary feeling the flowing imagination. The unconscious and conscious. I aim to create from paper “something" that can play a fundamental role like the blood flowing through my veins to maintain my life.

In his past series, Ozeki portrayed a robot like figure with a gathering of shapes that resemble industrial pipes and materials. He started producing works like this cutting a single piece of paper to give birth to an artificial life form. But soon his style evolved into a more abstract one with the usage of colored paper, layering them on top of another, with the attempt to capture and frame a certain mental state.

His most recent work which was installed in the Facebook office in Tokyo, reflected the artists intention for another step in his procedure. The installation was a complex combination of layers of colorful organic parts that resembled organs. Although one aspect that Ozeki seeks through his art work is the physicality of paper cutting, it is also clear that he is mesmerized from "life-forms”. From series to series, his works zoom in from a figurative form shifting to abstract shapes similar to human tissues tangling to each other with color. He zoomed out in his most recent series, in an attempt to capture a module of “life” and combining them together.

Through this exhibition, Ozeki will once again challenge the traditional techniques and the potential of paper cutting.